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Answers to some of the most-asked questions

Are you a real police officer?
Yes. I am a fully-trained and certified police officer. I have approximately 20 years of service for the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office. You can read my bio on the Safety & Security page to learn more about qualifications and experience.

Is Byron-Bergen that bad of a school to need an SRO?
NO. Byron-Bergen is not a bad or unsafe school. Our school district, along with our community, wants what is best for our students. Byron-Bergen is just one of many school districts in Western New York that use the SRO program. Having an SRO at our school does not mean that there are problems at the school. In fact, it means just the opposite.

The SRO is in a unique position to prevent criminal activity before it occurs. An SRO acts as a deterrent to crime. The goal of the SRO is not to catch students doing something wrong, but rather to deter them from even trying. An SRO provides a law enforcement presence as well as an informational, educational, and counseling resource to the students and staff. In fact, a large part of my job has nothing to do with enforcing the law.

Although the safety and security of our buildings is my number one priority, an equally important part of my job is improving relationships between our students and police. Helping a student who is having a problem or talking to kids about pursuing a career in law enforcement is very rewarding for me. Being a role model, mentor, and friend to our students is very important and is the best part of my job.

What do you do all day?
Well, I have a variety of duties that I must do throughout the day to make sure the students and staff are safe. I check the exterior and interior of all of the buildings in the district and greet all of the students as they come into the schools. You can always find me walking the halls in-between periods. I might pop into a gym class or intramural kickball. I teach classes on a variety of law enforcement topics. I coordinate K-9 searches for the district or take part in plays and parades at the Elementary School. I also work a variety of sporting events, Open Houses and concerts/plays here at the schools.

Do you still work road patrol?
Working here is now my full-time position or “patrol area.” When school is not in session, I do have the opportunity to work overtime as a patrol officer.

Have you ever Tasered anyone?
I have used my Taser on suspects and yes, it does hurt. But you won’t see any of our Taser deployments on YouTube. I myself have been Tasered and again, IT HURTS.

Can I use your Taser or can you Taser me?
NO! ;-)
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