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School Tax Information

2021 School Tax Notice

Notice is hereby given that the 2021 School Tax Roll, with the warrant attached, has been delivered to the Tax Collector for the Byron-Bergen School District, and that taxes will be received by credit card or e-check on, by check or money order at any Bank of Castile, or by mail. Payment can be mailed to:
Byron-Bergen School District
C/O Bank of Castile 
P.O. Box 853
Ithaca, NY 14851
Taxes will be received beginning September 1, 2021 and ending October 30, 2021. 
From September 1st to September 30th, payments may be made without penalty. All taxes remaining unpaid at the expiration of the period specified, the Tax Collector will add and collect two percent (2%) penalty on all such sums from October 1st to October 30th, 2021. 

Taxes will not be collected on the following days:
Monday, September 6, 2021
Monday, October 11, 2021

By order of the Board of Education, Bergen NY

Rachel Stevens, Tax Collector
Byron-Bergen School District
Bergen, NY 14416

Review your tax bill online or if balance is paid at 

Tax Rates

Because the taxing jurisdictions may assess properties at a different percent of their full value, tax rates are adjusted to account for this difference.
For the 2021-22 Byron-Bergen School District tax year, the following equalization rates are in effect:
 Taxing Jurisdiction Equalization % Tax Rate per $1000 of taxable assessment
Genesee County (Town of Batavia) 100% 22.349033
Genesee County (Town of Bergen) 100% 22.349387
Genesee County (Town of Byron) 100% 22.349317
Genesee County (Town of Elba) 100% 22.349032
Genesee County (Town of LeRoy) 92% 24.292429
Genesee County (Town of Stafford) 100% 22.349034
Monroe County (Town of Riga) 90% 23.051230
Monroe County (Town of Sweden) 100% 20.746034
Orleans County (Town of Clarendon) 87% 25.688544

Payment Deadlines

Payment DateAmount Due
Payment made at the Bank of Castile or payment postmarked by September 30, 2021Base amount; no penalty
Payment made at the Bank of Castile or postmarked between October 1st and October 30, 2021  Base amount; 2% penalty

To Make a Payment

Make checks payable to Byron-Bergen School District. Payments will NOT be accepted at the BBCSD District Office. Payments will be received in person at any Bank of Castile or by mail:
Byron-Bergen School District
C/O Bank of Castile
PO Box 853
Ithaca, NY 14851 
Credit Card or E-Check 
Pay Online at A fee is charged for this option. Credit card fees range from 2% to 4% depending on your credit card. E-check fees are a flat dollar amount of $1.50. Please note an e-check is a deduction from your bank account, please make sure you have funds available at the time of payment.


The Byron-Bergen Tax Office is open to the public weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
No payments are accepted at the Tax Office. 
Byron-Bergen District Office
6917 West Bergen Road
Bergen NY 14416

Phone: (585) 494–1220 ext. 2529
Fax: (585) 494-2613
[email protected]

Payment Tips

  • Be sure to pay correct amount for date payment is being submitted (see chart above).
  • Make sure numerical and written amount on check match, and check is signed.
  • Be sure to include bill, or copy of bill, with payment. 

Common Errors Made on Tax Payments

  • Error: Check is not signed.
    Result: Check is returned to the maker and the tax bill remains unpaid.
  • Error: Numeric and written amount on check don't match.
    Result: Bank will not process check. Check is returned to the maker and the tax bill remains unpaid.
  • Error: Amount paid does not include the penalty due.
    Result: Amount due depends on date payment is made. If payment is made in person at the bank, the date the payment is recieved at the bank teller's window is considered the date of payment. If a tax payment is mailed, the date of the official postmark on the envelope is considered the date of payment. If the amount submitted is not the amount due on the date of payment, which would include any penalties due on that date, the check is returned to the maker with a notification of underpayment and the tax bill remains unpaid.  
  • Error: Automated bill pay - payee is incorrect.
    Result: Automated bill pay has the wrong payee information and check is not recieved by Tompkins Trust Co. or payment is received late. Check is returned to the maker and tax bill remains unpaid. 
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