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New science equipment

This fall, the High School science program was awarded a $25,000 America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education Grant. On Friday, January 4, 2019, Agriculture teacher Jeffrey Parnapy received a delivery. The five modest shipping boxes contained $25,000 worth of state of the art equipment to support the agriculture, biology, chemistry, and physics programs. 
"My colleagues and I are ready to implement these new tools directly into our coursework," said Parnapy. "We have been anticipating the arrival and it's very exciting to be able to bring a new level of technology to our students."
Parnapy wrote the grant proposal in collaboration with his science colleagues Michael Conine, Briana Delvecchio, Jenifer Faro, Peter Spence, and Terry Vick. 

The complete list of new equipment includes:

=         13 Lab Quest interfaces,

=         1 anemometer,

=         1 barometer,

=         12 CO2 gas sensors,

=         9 conductivity sensors,

=         12 dual range force sensors,

=         5 dissolved oxygen probes,

=         4 flow rate sensors,

=         10 energy sensors,

=         12 infrared thermometers,

=         12 motion detectors,

=         24 pH sensors,

=         1 sound level meter,

=         24 temperature probes,

=         4 drop counters,

=         12 photogates,

=         3 spectrophotometers, and

=         4 Lab Quest interface charging stations.

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