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High School student wins residency

Byron-Bergen High School student Kendall Chase has been chosen to participate in a newly founded high school artists residency at the Flower City Art Center. Kendall has excelled in the arts through her Jr./Sr. High school career. She received the 2024 Art Department award as a reflection of her hard work and dedication to art studies. She discovered an affinity for ceramics this year after completing a pottery class taught by High School Art Teacher Sandy Auer.
Despite being a relative new-comer to the medium, Kendal was eligible to apply for the residency program. Students from thirteen schools in Monroe County applied for the residency. Kendall was among the 35 students chosen to participate.
This summer residency program run by Studio Manager Kyle Lascelle and Teaching Artist Jacob Dambra will allow students full access to the extensive ceramics studio at the arts center on Monroe Avenue. Students will receive weekly instruction, free use of clay, glazes, and equipment, as well as unlimited open studio hours. 
During the residency, students will learn all aspects of managing a studio practice, including making clay & glazes, firing work, repairing kilns and safety practices. They will also participate in demonstrations and critiques to build their understanding of the material and its potential use for personal expression.
Kendall recently had another opportunity to exercise her ceramics skills at the Annual Western New York Pottery festival in Avon, NY. The Studio Sales Pottery Center owned by ceramic artist Mike Carroll hosed a “Young Mudslingers” competition.  Kendall was able to participate in several challenging pottery competitions.
The students used the pottery wheel to throw the tallest cylinder, widest bowl, and the smallest vessels. For a bit of lighthearted fun, they also participated in a two-minute blind-folded challenge. Students also participated in a hand-building contest with the most aesthetically pleasing coil-built vessel. Kendall performed well throughout the competition and took home the prize for the widest wheel-thrown bowl.
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