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On Friday, June 10th, Byron-Bergen Elementary School hosted the annual STEAM Day celebration. STEAM Day is an all-day event where students have the opportunity to take part is different activities related to the core subjects of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. 

The fifth grade students hosted a Math Carnival in the gym where younger students could play games, get their faces painted, and enjoy fresh popcorn. Outside the gym, end-of-year science projects lined the hallways on display.

On the school grounds, Mr. Palmer's 9th grade Design and Drawing for Production students helped the elementary students build and launch stomp rockets. But they weren't the only class involved. 

"My DDP students designed parts of the launcher and wrote the instructions," said Palmer. "The launchers were built by the students in my construction class and the pop bottle adapters were actually designed and 3-D printed in the district by students, as well."

Mr. Conine's AP Chemistry students performed science experiments outside by the primary school wing. They demonstrated properties of density and water pressure and Mr. Conine ended the day by impressively answering the question, What happens when liquid nitrogen and boiling water are mixed? 

In front of the building, visiting artist Robin Salisbury helped students carve birds from bars of soap. Students took roughly cut bars and used plastic utensils to smooth and shape the soap. They then added eyes and attached a stand to create a free-standing sculpture. Salisbury hoped the students would begin to think about the objects from all angles. 

Engineers from Liberty Pumps joined the fourth and fifth grade students for a lunch and learn. They demonstrated how pumps work, how they are designed, and talked about what it is like to be an engineer. "We are essentially problem solvers so, if you like solving puzzles or trying to do things better or more efficiently, we try to solve problems that every day people might have," said Liberty Pumps Engineer Joel Boyer. "To do that we use creativity and math and science - the things that you are learning today." 

Finally, Mrs. Wahl gave every student a piece of paper in the shape of a honey comb. Each student filled their hexagon with words and pictures that make them special. The finished pieces were assembled into an end-of-year SEL art project on display in the foyer of the school.
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