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Seniors Shine in Hairspray

On Thursday, March 9, 2023, the Byron-Bergen Jr./Sr. High School proudly debuted the Spring musical, Hairspray. The ambitious production chronicles a teenager’s journey from “hair hopper” to civil rights activist in 1960’s Baltimore. The ensemble cast is anchored by veteran senior high performers and a chorus of fresh-faced first-time actors.

Tenth grade student Jade Wolff stars as Tracy Turnblad, a vivacious teen with modern ideals and dance moves. Wolff welcomes the audience by belting out the opening anthem “Good morning, Baltimore” backed by the energetic vocals and choreography of the over 40-person ensemble. 

With the support of her best friend Penny (Katherine Rogoyski) and her parents Edna and Wilbur (Cameron Carlson and Kendan Dressler), Tracy chases her dream of dancing on hit local TV program, The Corny Collins Show. Corny Collins (Joshua Tardy) and Tracy join forces along with the legendary Motormouth Maybelle (Sonya Catalino), her kids Seaweed J. Stubbs and Little Inez (Roman Smith and Genevieve Smith), and teen heartthrob Link Larkin (Sage Johnson) to defeat pro-segregation Station Manager Velma Von Tussle (Libby Piper) and her spotlight-hungry daughter, Amber (Alexandra Schuck).

The Byron-Bergen production capitalizes on the veteran theater chops of several senior performers. The hysterical team of Carlson and Dressler highlight each actor’s comedic timing while embodying the unconditional support from which Tracy catapults to stardom. Johnson’s resemblance to a young Elvis cannot be denied as he croons love songs and melts the audience’s collective heart. Piper provides the story with a classic villain complete with maniacal laugh and perfectly delivered eyebrow-raising one-liners. Schuck rounds out the evil mother-daughter duo with a fabulously frustrated flounce and pout as events turn on the Von Tussles. Tardy’s contagious energy captures the excitement of the 60s R&B revolution with sky-high enthusiasm to match his gravity-defying pompadour. Stage Manager Jason Bleiler uses his backstage experience to orchestrate the many scenery changes and transitions that keep this musical bopping along to the finale. 

Not to be outshone by the senior actors, Rogoyski and Roman Smith each flex their theatrical muscles in their storybook romance plotline complete with complex choreography and vocals. Genevieve Smith also shows off her impressive vocal talents in her first major BB musical role. The many cast members who make up the dance council, Pinkies, Belles and Beaus, Dynamites, and chorus fill each scene with depth of harmony and meticulous choreography that can only be achieved by dedication and hard work and which delighted the audience from curtain to curtain.

While the BB drama program will miss the tremendously talented seniors after their final performance, the next generation of BB thespians are more than ready to step into the spotlight. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew on the success of Hairspray.  

Tickets are still available for Friday, March 10 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, March 11 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Full cast and crew:
Tracy Turnblad                                  Jade Wolff
 Link Larkin                                        Sage Johnson
 Edna Turnblad                                  Cameron Carlson
 Corny Collins                                    Joshua Tardy
 Wilbur Turnblad                                Kendan Dressler
 Velma Von Tussle                             Libby Piper
 Amber Von Tussle                            Alexandra Schuck
 Seaweed J. Stubbs                          Roman Smith
 Penny Lou Pingleton                        Katherine Rogoyski
 Motormouth Maybelle                       Mrs. Sonya Catalino
 Little Inez                                          Genevieve Smith
 Prudy Pingelton                                Mrs. Kathryn Grattan
 Mr. Pinky                                           Bradley Pocock
 Harriman F. Spritzer                          Mr. Ken Rogoyski
 Matron                                               Aurora Hiscutt
 Council Members
Shelly                                                   Abby Cook
Lou Ann                                               Gianna Graff  
Tammy                                                 Aurora Hiscutt
Connie                                                  Madi Carson
Bonnie                                                  Olivia Galdun
 Brenda                                                 Rylee Burch
 Lenny                                                   Kendan Dressler
 Brad                                                     Gabe Vallese
 Fender                                                 Bradley Pocock
 Sketch                                                  Teagan Williams
 IQ                                                          Brody Bower
 Honorary Council Members                  Izzy Lewis, Arianne McLaughlin, Brooklynn Culmo
The Dynamites
Kamilah                                                Gianna Clark
Shayna                                                 Deborah Catalino
 Jude                                                      Solomon Smith
Motormouth Maybelle’s Belles and Beau’s
Duane                                                   Malachi Smith
Thad                                                      Ce’Andre Johnson
Edith                                                      Lila Graff
Cordelia                                                 Samantha Copani
Lorraine                                                  Peyton Alejandro
 Julie                                                       Taylor Louis
Protestors/City Folk                            Isabella Kessler, Contessa Vander Wyst, Katherine Erion, Evelyn Borycki
Gym Teacher                                      Mrs. Heather Painting
Spritzer’s Assistant & Jail Guard        Maylee Moore
Camera Person & Flasher                 Connor Hoopengardner
Principal                                             Mr. Ashley Grillo
News Caster (voice over)                  Mr. Deacon Smith
Beatnik Chick                                     Arianne McLaughlin
 Cellmate Sally                                    Isabella Kessler
 Cellmate Sandra                                Evelyn Borycki
 Guards                                               Mr. Ken Gropp, Mr. David Bateman
 The Pinky’s
Katherine ErionTaylor LewisBrooklynn CulmoIzzy LewisKatherine Erion
Production Crew
Alyson Mercedes Tardy                    Musical Director, Props
Joseph Paris                                     Vocal Director
 Solange Rodrigues                           Director of Choreographer
 Michelle Caballero                            Producer, Costumes, Props
 Heather Painting                               Costumes, Set Painting
 Luke Farner                                       Director of Hair & Makeup
 Ken Rogoyski                                     Assistant Producer, Props
 Michelle Clare                                    Program and Artwork Design
 Abby Cook, Gianna Graff                  Dance Captains
 Bob Puff                                            Sound Engineer
 Jason Bleiler                                     Stage Manager
 Miranda Stanton                               Student Production Assistants
 Kaylanah White                                 Student Production Assistants
Stage Crew
Jason Bleiler, Estelle Dumuhosky, Maryn Meier, Lia Ray, Nial Johnson, Michael Rogoyski, Hannah Wittman, Ella Lewis, Samantha Beale, Miranda Stanton

Pit Musicians
Kevin Bleiler                                       Conductor
 Lisa Gilebarto                                    Rehearsal Accompanist/Keyboard 1
 Kathy White                                       Keyboard 2
 Bob Lancia                                           Keyboard  3/ Guitar
 Heidi Lancia                                        Woodwind 1
 Jacob Burlingame                             Woodwind 2
 Arnie Rychlicki                                   Trumpet
 Bob Wilkins                                         Trombone
 Steve Keenan                                    Bass
Jacob Houseknecht                         Guitar
 Quintin Rich                                        Percussion 1
 David Chapman                                Percussion 2
Set Construction & Painting
Joseph Paris, Aaron Burch, Roland Galdun, Heather Painting, Dave Snyder, Jackson Lundfelt, Ken Rogoyski, Katherine Rogoyski, Michael Rogoyski, Alex Schuck, Joshua Tardy, Alyson Tardy, Amanda Cook, Jeff Cook, Abby Cook, Miranda Stanton, Lia Ray, Katherine Erion, Sophia Smith, Arianne McLaughlin, Lindsey Williams, Teagan Williams, Danielle Carson, Madi Carson, Nathan Bower, Hunter Bower, Dayanara Caballero, Zoey Shepard, Aiden Vander Wyst, Contessa Vander Wyst, Nick Vander Wyst, Tiffany Hoopengardner, Madison Hoopengardner, Makala Hoopengardner, Cameron Carlson, Jade Wolff, Solange Rodrigues
Hair & Makeup Crew
Luke Farner, Shari Dressler, Erin Graff, Wendy Harmon, Pam Johnson, Stacy Stanton, Lindsey Frew Weaver, Athena Vander Wyst, Cheryl Wittman, Miranda Stanton, Kaylanah White, Connar Tuerk, Mariah Williams, Ellirose Taylor, Ava Williams, Kelly Parsons, Grayson Erion, Annie Erion, Samantha Grippo, 
Olivia Mundell. La Hammond
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