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2020-21 BBCSD Reopening

April 15, 2021 Reopening Plan Presentation

Aug. 17th Informational Session

Community and Family Informational Sessions

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The Byron-Bergen Central School District Reopening Plan is currently being reviewed by the New York State Departments of Health and Education. The full plan is available online at:
The District will host three discussion sessions with parents and the community. These sessions will be held virtually. To register for a session, please contact:
Patty Gunio, [email protected]
(585) 494-1220, EXT. 2329
With your confirmation, you will receive the meeting link.
Please submit any questions you have regarding the 2020-21 school year. District staff will try to answer all questions during the session.

2020-21 Reopening Plan, 1-page summary

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Genesee & Orleans County Dept. of Health FAQs for School Reopening


If you have questions regarding the 2020-21 Reopening Plan, please submit them HERE.
Daily symptom screening procedures & sick child protocol

Q: Do parents need to take temps daily?
A: Parents will need to take students’ temperatures before each school day. Any student registering a temperature of 100.0 or above will need to remain home. Any students sent home from school with COVID symptoms including temperature at or above 100.0 will need medical documentation to return to school.

Q: What is the criteria for keeping students home if they are sick with no fever?
A: Students experiencing any symptoms of COVID should stay home. Parents should contact their health care provider to discuss whether COVID testing needs to be done. If the health care provider diagnoses an alternate health condition, then written documentation needs to be received in order for the student to return to school.

Q: If a student is confirmed positive with COVID, what will happen?
A. We are still awaiting guidance from the state on this and will adhere to DOH guidelines. If the student is at school, they will immediately be separated from the school population until their parent or guardian can pick them up. The local health department will conduct contact tracing.

Q: If one child has a fever without COVID confirmed, does the entire family have to self-quarantine?
A. We will follow the DOH guidance for COVID. When family/close contact protocol is determined by the DOH, we will communicate it to the District community. 
Sanitation and PPE

Q: Can students’ face coverings be removed once they are seated?
A: Yes. Masks will be required of everyone in the building. Students can remove their masks once they are seated and able to maintain a 6-foot distance from others. Everyone is required to wear face coverings when you are moving about the building. Face coverings must be worn at all times while boarding and riding school buses.
Q: How many students are in a classroom?
A: Each classroom has been mapped out to accommodate desks spaced 6' apart and all facing the same direction. 

Q: What is the protocol for high-risk areas such as locker rooms, hallways, buses, etc.?
A: Students are expected to wear masks at all times when not seated in their classroom.

Q: What will be the sanitation/cleaning procedure after each bathroom use?
A: Bathrooms will not be cleaned after each individual use but an increase in the frequency of daily cleaning will occur and will be documented per NYSED guidance. Students should wash hands and/or use sanitizer before and after going to the bathroom. Overall cleaning and sanitation procedures will be in place at the building level.

Q: How are we going to practice fire drills and lockdowns?
A: These emergency drills are still required. We will have to maintain the proper social distancing and wear masks.

Q: Are there standards for the amount of cleaning that needs to happen throughout the day and who is responsible for that?
A: We are following CDC and Department of Health guidelines in the use of products in schools for cleaning and disinfecting.

Q: Can teachers get clear visors/face shields so students can see our facial expressions?
A: According to NYS regulations, face shields are permitted as an additional eye protection, but they do not take the place of nose and mouth coverings. Respiratory coverings must be worn whether you wear a face shield or not.

Q: Will students who do not comply with PPE and social distancing requirements be asked to leave?
A: We will first work with the child and their family on identifying the reasons/ barriers and provide education on the importance of mask wearing. Anyone who refuses to comply with our safety rules will be asked to leave. Students can continue to learn remotely from home.

Learning options
Q: Will the 6th grade follow the high school schedule?
A: Yes.
Q: Will reading, math, and speech services be provided?
A: Yes. Support services in both buildings will take place. The delivery method will be determined on a case by case basis. 

Q: Can families choose different options for each child (i.e. one child attend hybrid school while another attends virtually)?
A: Yes. Each child within a family can choose a different option, however, this option cannot change from week to week as there is a lot of planning involved in creating classes, assigning teachers, transporting students, etc. We will be asking families to stay with one option for the first semester.

Q: What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous instruction?
A: Synchronous instruction occurs in real-time either in-person or virtually. Asynchronous instruction is not provided in real-time and may take the form of a pre-recorded video, demonstration, lab, etc.

Q: Will Jr./Sr. High School staff be in the buildings on Wednesdays?
A: Yes, all staff will be reporting to school every day.

Q: How will technical support be provided to students/families at home?
A: Procedures are currently being developed.  

Q: What happens if the Governor requires all schools to be 100% virtual?
A: Should school need to be 100% virtual, synchronous and asynchronous instruction will be provided to students every day with specific guidelines for teachers and students regarding instruction, feedback, grading, communication, etc.

Q: Will printing at home be required?
A: No. Any paper materials required for instruction, classwork, homework, etc. will be provided to all students.

Q: Are school start and end times the same?
A: Yes. (For this school year, sixth grade students will be on the Jr./Sr. High School schedule.)

Q: Will the district be bound to these plans the entire year?
A: No, we will be continuing to assess our plans throughout the year and make adjustments as needed.

Q: Will there still be NYS Gr. 3-8 exams and Regents exams?
A: As of today, these exams are still scheduled to occur. As we learn more from NYSED, we will update the community.

Q: If you choose the remote learning option, can students return to in-person instruction at some point?
A: By enrolling in the fully remote learning option, you are agreeing that your children will remain in the 100% remote learning model for the first semester. Ability to change options after the first semester will be subject to classroom and transportation availability.

Q: Does a hybrid learning plan reduce educational expenses or lower tax­payer costs?
A: No. The district will continue to provide instruction to all students five days a week, although some students will be learning remotely every day. Our facilities and staffing needs have not changed. In some instances, the COVID-19 pandemic has created added expenses. Schools are now required to transport fewer students on each bus, provide new safeguards, purchase technology and offer professional development on safety protocols and online learning platforms.

Q: What will grading/assessment look like? Especially if some students are learning remotely and some in person?
A: Grading will be consistent whether at home or in-school. Regular course content is to be covered.

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