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October 2017: Focusing on the student

We have many exciting happenings in the district this year and I would like to take a moment to mention a few:

Capital Improvement Project
Thank you to the community for supporting the Capital Improvement Project by a vote of 338 to 112. This project will allow us to continue to provide our students with a meaningful and safe educational experience, while maintaining facilities and program standards. Over the next three years, we will address maintenance and improvements in all of our facilities. The Elementary School will see the renovation and expansion of classrooms in the 200 wing, ADA-compliant toilet rooms, upgrades to kitchen equipment, window and roof replacements, and bus loop/parent drop off area upgrades. The Jr./Sr. High School improvements will include roof replacements, an upgraded fire alarm system, reconstructed tennis courts, improved lighting in the auditorium, and new ADA-compliant bleachers in the soccer stadium. The Natatorium and Bus Garage will receive roof replacements, an upgraded bus washing system, and a new pool dehumidification system.

As we move forward with these projects, the district will keep people updated on our progress via the website, social media (Twitter and Facebook), and our publications. Thank you again for your support!

Communication Improvements
As part of our ongoing efforts to be responsive to our parents and community, we as a district have continually looked for ways to engage in open and transparent communications—disseminating timely, accurate, and important information. We currently do this through publications, social media platforms, and a number of building-specific online programs. Most recently, the district has launched a new website that contains pertinent information on a variety of topics. On the website, you will find a survey that will help us make the site even better. Your feedback is important to us, so tell us what you like about the site and give us suggestions on what we can improve.

The way society communicates has changed drastically in the past decade. It’s a world of clicks, tweets, shares, and likes. But no matter which communication medium you favor, the act of communicating clearly and effectively is still vital. When communication is effective, the students, parents, and schools benefit. Effective communication makes learning easier for everyone, helps students achieve goals, increases opportunities for expanded learning, and strengthens the relationships between all stakeholders. Please partner with us as we continue to build this two-way street of effective communication.

Technology Initiative
We are excited about the direction instructional technology is moving in our district. As you may know, over the past few years we have continued our efforts to increase access to technology for all of our students. Thanks to multiple financial resources, including state and federal funding, and generous community partners, we have moved forward towards our goal of one-to-one computing. We currently have class sets of Chromebooks in every classroom grades 3-6 and an additional 12 sets rolled out in the Jr./Sr. High School. As we continue with this initiative, we will also focus on developing and planning professional development opportunities for all staff. This professional development will focus on how to implement the variety of tools the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) platform provides.

As always, on behalf of the Board of Education, we thank you for your continued support and invite you to join us on your student’s educational journey. Parental involvement is a significant factor for student success at school. Students look to the adults in their lives for structure and guidance.

Finally, please remember that our staff and administration are always ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Thank you again for your support in the education of our students. It is an honor and privilege to serve this community as the Superintendent of Schools. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at (585) 494-1220 ext. 2829 or email me at
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